Hi Diane,
How are you doing???  I hope that you are not working too much and are saving some of your awesome energy for your personal life!!! 
Anyway, I just wanted to send you a couple cute updated pictures of Tyler.  I can't even begin to thank you for everything that you have done and now that I have some time (and sleep) I just wanted to write you to tell you how much I really appreciated everything that you did for us while I was pregnant and during the delivery and even afterward. 
Your support during my pregnancy (and the lovely hurricane Wilma) was immeasurable to me and I can't wait to hire you again when we are ready for #2!!! 
You are a wonderful, fun, energetic, funny and sweet person and your sense of humor kept me sane both during my last months and in the delivery room.  I know that Dave was so relieved to have someone else to help him and take some of the pressure off to be comforting me.  I also know that both of us were very happy to have you to turn to if we had questions or needs during the long stay in the hospital since the nurses are very busy - not to mention the "special treatment" I feel like we got since you're such a VIP at the hospital. 
Thanks again and we'll be calling you again within the next year so get ready!!! (and you better have some almond cookies ready too - hehe)
Love Cheryl

Welcome Baby Tyler David


Tyler David 


Cheryl and David



Time of Birth:



6 lbs 


8-11 181/2 inches