Welcome Baby Shea Johanna


Shea Johanna 


Micki and John 


February 02, 2004 

Time of Birth:



8lbs. 5ozs. 


17 1/2" 

Dear Diane,

Thank you so much for serving as our Personal Childbirth Trainer for the birth of our third child Shea. It has been less than 4 days since I delivered our healthy 8 pound 5 ounce baby girl after laboring 7 hours in our elective induction. You never know how fast or slow an induction will be or even whether labor will progress at all when making that decision. You made us feel very comfortable in our choice and on planning our big day. It was so nice to know that you would be there.

Your familiarity with Bethesda Memorial Hospital and its staff turned out to be very invaluable to us. As strange as it sounds we had such a good time during our labor experience. You were great company for my husband! I think the delivery room should always be filled with so much laughter. We had fun playing trivia but I’m afraid you’ll never be an 80’s trivia queen. But you’ll always be our Personal Childbirth Queen!

Thanks again for all your support and helpful hints during this exciting time. I know we weren’t the typical first time parents that you’re used to, but please know we appreciated your expertise more than you know.

Yours truly,


Micki and John