Welcome Baby Ravi Judson


Ravi Judson 


Jennifer and Nithin 


November 17, 2004 

Time of Birth:





21.5 inches 

Early on as new parents, we decided that we would do everything possible to give our child the best start in life.

From our first introduction over the phone you were professional, courteous, caring and funny. Instantly putting us at ease and making Nithin and I feel confident in our decision to work with a Personal Childbirth Trainer. The classes, workbooks, websites, tools, tactics and overall personal support that you provided was essential and extremely helpful - especially when I received no such support from my OB. You gave me confidence in my health choices; practical advice to help my physical needs and personal advice to help me through the ups and downs of pregnancy.

During the last weeks of my term – a time when hurricanes were ripping through the state and my husband was traveling both nationally and abroad for business – we were so grateful to know that I was not alone. Then, in the dog days of my pregnancy (all 42 weeks!) when my doctors were offering no encouragement; you again came through with home remedies, constant support and a sense of humor that kept our patience and frustrations at bay.

Finally, our time came to go to the hospital for inducement and labor – again you were right by our side, prepared for anything – from massage therapy to simply holding my hand and keeping a loving, but over-zealous grandma to be calm and out of the room. Your skills in diplomacy are second only to your skills as a health care provider!

Looking back, I am so grateful for your experience as an RN. It was what originally drew me to you, over other professionals and made all the difference in our personal experience. As you know, our delivery was long, drawn out and unnecessarily difficult due to neglect and irresponsibility by my OB staff. Without your guidance, expertise and encouragement we wouldn’t have known how or when to speak up for our rights, complain about our circumstances or realize that we had other options to make the ordeal progress more smoothly. You saved us a tremendous amount of personal anguish and helped to take some the stress out of a difficult few days.

Finally, thank you for holding my hand during the C-section delivery, describing the wonderment and beauty of our son during his first minutes with us. You were already a dear friend, and now a part of the family. You continued to support, love and help me adjust to being a new mom after bringing Ravi home – especially with breastfeeding and other new-parenting basics, fears and adjustments.

I will never forget your commitment to our family and cannot thank you enough for going well above our expectations in originally hiring a Personal Childbirth Trainer. You deserve twice your fee. I cannot imagine having another baby without you there. We will recommend you to everyone we know – if only so our friends can experience your post-pregnancy crumb cake.

Many, many, many thanks and much love,
Jennifer and Nithin