Welcome Baby Madison




Chris and Elizabeth 


May 15, 2004 

Time of Birth:



6lbs. 9ozs. 


18 1/2" 

Dear Diane,

I apologize that this has taken me over a month to write, I simply have not been able to find the words to thank you for all that you did Chris and I before, during and after Madison's birth.

We knew from the moment we met you at our childbirth class that we needed you at Maddie's birth. We had never even discussed a "Childbirth Trainer" but your personality was a perfect match for us and your knowledge and experience was tremendously helpful from beginning to end. You were able to put my dear nervous husband at ease before and during labor and it was refreshing to have someone believe that, yes, you actually CAN do a natural birth, despite what everyone else thinks. From questions about the hospital, my doctors, suggestions about starting and enduring labor and breast feeding, you had wonderful advice for us and best of all you made us laugh! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You for all of your support, wisdom and kindness! The ONLY way to have a baby is with you by a parents side!!


Elizabeth and Chris