Welcome Baby Kathleen Hays


Kathleen Hays 


Jon and Megan 


February 13, 2004 

Time of Birth:





19 1/2" 

Dear Diane,

In the first minutes of February 13, 2004, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Kate, into the world. This incredible experience was that much more special thanks to our Personal Childbirth Trainer, Diane Ellen.

Choosing to work with Diane turned out to be an easy decision. From the first time we spoke on the phone, Diane put both anxious parents-to-be at ease and made us laugh. Her warm personality and sense of humor convinced us that having her by our side during the most important and exciting day of our lives would enhance the experience and make it less stressful for Mom and “Coach” by relieving some of the pressure and anxiety we felt about navigating these uncharted waters.

Diane wore many hats for us during our pregnancy and delivery. From helping us formulate a birth plan (Hint: Keep it brief) to properly installing our infant car seat to comfort techniques for late pregnancy and labor, Diane was an incredible resource for both of us.

When we stepped off the elevator at Boca Raton Community Hospital on the evening of February 12, Diane was there waiting for us. She already had scoped out the staff and room situation for what was a very busy night for the labor and delivery staff. She assured us we had a great team of nurses that night and immediately put us in the right frame of mind for the hours ahead. Diane's friendly professional interaction with the nurses was amazing to watch as she knew exactly when and what to do to help them, while keeping a watchful eye on Mom and Dad to be sure we were both calm and focused as the labor heated up. Diane was instrumental in helping us achieve the natural delivery we had hoped for. Our delivery went smoother than we dreamed, and our incredible Kate arrived healthy and happy less than three hours after arriving at the hospital.

With Kate in our arms, Diane's job shifted to official birth photographer, capturing several beautiful photos of the delivery and our first moments with Kate. At the same time, Diane was our go-between with the nurses, handling many of the procedural requirements and allowing us to spend more time with our new addition. Though part of this could be chalked up to luck, having Diane there to facilitate decisions and relieving our worries was key.

Diane visited us again in the hospital -- with a heart-shaped cookie bearing Kate's name -- to ensure the first full day had gone well. She gave us breastfeeding advice, warmed up the nursing staff and reminded us yet again how happy we are to have included her in our experience. She's been our No. 1 cheerleader since we met! From our first introduction to any follow-up phone calls or visits, Diane strived to make our lives more comfortable, enjoyable and positive.

Diane has become a special friend to our family and we can't thank her enough for the incredible support she gave us for the delivery of our first child.


Jon, Megan and Kate