Welcome Baby Joshua


Joshua Michael


Melissa and Charles


Aug 10, 2006 

Time of Birth:



7lbs. 11ozs. 



I have had the privilege of knowing Diane for many years.  As long as I have known Diane, she has always been a loving person and good friend, but it was not until she was my Doula/Childbirth Trainer that I fully appreciated who she is. 

 As a Doula/Childbirth Trainer, Diane gives not only of her vast expertise as a nurse of OBGYN, but she draws from her love for people to provide the best birth experience possible.  She simply loves people and wants the best birth experience for all involved---mother, baby, and family.  I found her PCT Childbirth Workshop very helpful in preparing me for the many adjustments of a new baby.

 Diane’s presence during the birthing experience was very comforting as she encouraged my confidence even during some difficult delivery challenges.  Her follow-up visits let me know I was not just a client but that her compassion was heart felt.

 I will always remember her kindness and dedication to my family and me.  I would highly recommend Diane to anyone wishing for the best possible birth experience.

 Diane-You are the best!

 Melissa & Charles R.