Welcome Baby Joseph Connor


Joseph Connor 


Leigh-Anne and Dan 


September 18, 2003 

Time of Birth:



7lbs. 2ozs. 


20 3/4" 

I am sure you receive letters from thankful mothers whom you have coached through the many hours of labor. But, I thought it important that a expecting father understand the value of your service. I never for a moment had fear regarding being Leigh-Anne’s partner. Nor, was I someone who was uninterested. As a matter of fact I thought that hiring a labor coach might limit my involvement and therefore separate me from the experience. I was wrong and it became amazingly clear what value you provided from the 34th week onward. I heard conversations in Lamaze regarding …do you want a baby nurse or childbirth trainer and if a choice had to be made…it would be a no-brainer.

With our son’s constant desire to keep us on our toes and going from breach to normal position no less than 5 times, we probably would have driven our doctor, our family and ourselves crazy had it not been for your knowledge, insight and recommendations. (note to reader: our son was born with the cord wrapped around his neck, and leg with a double knot in the middle but no one knew that until delivery) Your candor and education on what to expect if a Cesarean were required was most helpful in preparation. The things they forget to tell you in Lamaze should be told. Then again, your positive attitude that it would be a natural birth was reassuring. You literarily made what could have been and was at times the most un-nerving experience of my life a wonderful and fulfilling memory that to this day still brings a tear to my eye and a warmth to my heart.

When Leigh-Anne was taken to be prepped in the O.R., I was comforted by the fact that you were with her. As I watched through the occasionally opening door, I could see her face as you spoke to her and made her smile and laugh. In the O.R. your presence was always felt. Although, I couldn’t see you, I could hear you and I knew you were there. Having you available immediately following delivery was invaluable to me. Having not really been prepared for all the fathering that I would be called upon to do because Leigh-Anne was immobilized, your education on even the most simplistic items was important. Although the nursing staff is available for questions, I quickly learned that they are not always available. Although having you around did appear to keep everyone on target.

Not too long ago, someone asked me about the Joseph’s birth and I realized that since that day, I always mention you and how important you were to the entire event. You served as a translator, negotiator, comrade, stand-up comedienne and the all important “friend in the business”.

Our friends that delivered two months later, with an un-complicated delivery had a horrendous experience with the same doctor group and hospital. I will not go into to details but I recommended he call you but they chose not to. I know, if you had been with them, all of their problems would have been avoided. As they say, “you can lead a horse to water…”

In summation, I cannot thank you enough. You were invaluable to us and helped make the most important experience of our lives a truly positive, happy memory. I will always look back upon those days prior to and during and thank you for being there. Your friendship has become something we treasure almost as much as our absolutely incredible son…that you helped us deliver.

Heartfelt thanks,


PS. (note to reader: she is a wicked good baker!!!!)