Welcome Baby Jacob Andrew


Jacob Andrew 


Jeanie and Michael 


October 13, 2005 

Time of Birth:



7lbs 3 ozs 


19 3/4 inches 

Dear Diane,

Michael and I wanted to thank you for being such an instrumental part in Jacob’s birth. Since Michael is a pilot and could have been away if I had delivered early, it was such a huge comfort to know that you would be with me in labor. But it goes way beyond that! When we met you at your childbirth class, your warmth, sense of humor and professional presentation of the most useful and practical advice helped us make the decision to have you be our Personal Childbirth Trainer, something neither one of us had considered before. During the last couple of months of my pregnancy you were always in touch with visits, phone calls, advice (and crumb cake!). When I went into labor and arrived at the hospital, I was so relieved to see you walk in with your big bag of tricks! When I started to have back labor, you knew just what to do and say to get the OB nurses to allow me to stand up during my contractions—you kept the baby’s monitor working as you rubbed my back and encouraged me to sway so that the baby would turn (and he did!). When I rocketed from 2cm to 10cm dilated, and there was no time for an epidural (sob!) you encouraged me by telling me how great I was doing, and that I could make it without medication. You took the most amazing pictures during the birth, allowing Michael to concentrate on me and the birth without having to worry about taking pictures. You even made sure that the cord blood collection went smoothly and the baby’s footprints got into the baby book! You made sure that Jacob and I got off to a great start breastfeeding as soon as he was cleaned up and back in my arms. You came to see us the next day in the hospital (despite being up all night at yet another birth!) and gave more breastfeeding advice which I think greatly contributed to much less struggle and pain on my part. You visited us at home the next week to make sure everything was going well and to answer any questions. It is great to know that we have someone like you to call on now or in the future to answer our questions as we embark on the journey to parent our baby boy Jacob!

With our deepest appreciation,

Michael and Jeanie