Dear Diane,

 Well, we made our “wish list for birth” from the pages of your Childbirth Training Manual and Mother Nature laughed.  We are so thankful that we attended your class where we heard repeatedly, “keep an open mind” and that our goal at the end of the day was for a “healthy mom and a healthy baby.”

  It was our desire to experience natural childbirth, however our baby was a week overdue, and after the appointment with our doctor he sent us straight over to the hospital.  I was induced around 11 on Friday and all was well in the beginning.  We played cards, watched a movie and listened to your funny stories.  Then the doctor broke my bag of waters and increased the pitocin.  After four consecutive contractions without a break, that even the comfort measures we learned in class couldn’t touch, we settled on the epidural.  As you know, after twenty-two hours of labor we were wheeled into surgery for a c-section where we were introduced to our beautiful little daughter Grace.

  The photos you took during the labor & surgery are priceless.  Regardless of the surgery, you were able to take some wonderful shots that told the story of the delivery from the moment Grace entered this world, to my husband cutting the cord and all of the way through to the first moment I was able to hold our little girl.  Because of your photography skills I was able to see all that happened and my husband has become the narrator behind each photo so that I could be a part of that magnificent day.

  We also decided to save our babies cord blood and the assistance you provided during the chaos of childbirth was extremely helpful.  I am not sure that my husband would have been up to the task of packaging up the blood and remembering to call the courier.  He was busy making sure that baby Grace and I were being taken care of (and to be honest, the sight of blood makes him weak in the stomach).

 If all of the above mentioned wasn’t enough, the after care and comfort you provided us at the hospital was invaluable.  From the less pleasant parts of what happens after labor to the melt down I had while learning how to breastfeed, you were there.  You not only brought a wealth of knowledge and experience, but you also brought a sense of humor.  Laughter can (and did) melt the stress and tension out of each “catastrophe”.  And we faced many changes in less than four days.  I think we just wanted to get our money’s worth and experience all of the situations you talked about in the prenatal class!

  I am not sure how we can begin to thank you for the service and friendship you have provided other than to sing your praises to any person who will listen and to recommend you to any pregnant couple we know.  And if this letter isn’t convincing

enough, I would say hire Diane for no other reason than the pastries (my favorite is the killer crumb cake).

 Written with the greatest affection,

Kelli and Randy

Welcome Baby Grace-Kristine


Grace Kristine 


Kelli and Randi



Time of Birth:



6 lbs 


8-0 19 inches