Diane was an amazing presence during my third trimester, delivery and the first few crazy weeks after the birth of Ellah.  She still checks in to see how the baby and we are doing. 

 A year before our daughter was born, we had a stillborn son.  Because of this, my second pregnancy found me more anxious than I normally would have been.  I decided I wanted a professional there to take the burden off of my husband so we could focus on each other and our child and not have to worry about finding nurses when we needed them, or taking pictures, or asking questions, or whatever else might arise.  

 We anticipated that delivering our second child was going to be emotionally difficult because of the loss of our son.  Diane was so empathetic to our situation and helped us remain positive about the upcoming birth. 

 The day of the delivery, she had us so at ease and laughing so hard that I could barely feel my contractions.  Because of her positive and fun personality and her professional knowledge, she was able to help us bring our beautiful baby Ellah into the world without anxiety and fear. 

 Having Diane there just gives you confidence because you know she will do everything in her power to make you comfortable and safe and she truly cares about you and your baby.  She will help you have the delivery YOU WANT to have.  Not the delivery that is most convenient for the people on staff that day.


Welcome Baby Ellah Penelope


Ellah Penelope 


Tiffany and Tim



Time of Birth:



6-13 lbs 


19 1/2 inches