March 22, 2006

Dear Diane,

We are so fortunate to have found you!!!

When I first signed up for your class, my husband and I were extremely skeptical about an all-day birthing class. I was nervous about all of the stuff we did not know and Peter dreaded the thought of spending eight hours talking and learning about babies. However, from the moment we met, you made us feel more at ease with all aspects of child birth and child safety. Your concise material packet coupled with your sense of humor and wealth of knowledge was a perfect combination.

As you know, I had been on bed rest and medication when we took the class due to pre-term labor contractions. We had been to the hospital and were not happy with some of the nurses who had taken care of me. In our opinion, having been a nurse for 15 years prior to a personal childbirth trainer is a key ingredient to your success and part of the reason we felt so comfortable with you. First and foremost however, you are an advocate for both baby and parents. Bridging the gap between nurse and patient is your area of expertise and by the end of your class, we new how important it was for us to have you in the delivery room.

Thankfully, you were not booked for the month of February! We loved having you visit our home on two occasions. Helping us with the baby room set-up, car seat and must haves was invaluable. On your second visit, we finished packing the bags (for me, Peter and Cole) based on the detailed list you provided in your packet. You have a wealth of invaluable information.

Peter and I were excited to have you in the delivery room and disappointed when I ended up having a C-section three weeks before my due date.

Your services were definitely not wasted. In fact, we so appreciate you coming to the hospital four times after Cole’s birth. You saved me from complete panic when the nurse had given Cole a bottle by showing me nursing positions and advising us on formula supplementation through a syringe. We loved learning how to give Cole a sponge bath by watching your lead.

You are a genuine person who truly cares about all people you meet. You make the difference and are why we HIGHLY recommend your services. We appreciate and are thankful for all you did – and continue to do to help us. Nine weeks later and you still take my calls and are there to help in any way you can.

Steffany, Peter and Cole.

Welcome Baby Cole Jacob


Cole Jacob 


Steffany and Peter 


January 22, 2006 

Time of Birth:



5lbs 11oz