All my life I wanted a child, but I was terrified of childbirth. I had never been hospitalized nor had an IV or anything and all things medical scare me to death.

So when I found out that I was pregnant, I was thrilled and frightened all at once. I knew that I would need someone, besides my husband, to be there to help me through labor and delivery. I thought that I would need a doula.

When my water broke five weeks early, I had not found a doula yet. I assumed that I would have to do without. Luckily my husband still had hope: he asked the nurse if there was an on-call-doula. Amazingly enough, the nurse had the number for someone much better than a doula: a Personal Childbirth Trainer!

It was 5pm on December 23, 2003. Scott called Diane, who was on her way to a Christmas party. It must have been a Christmas Miracle: Diane skipped the party and opted to spend the next twelve hours with us at the Boca Raton Community Hospital. As an added bonus she gave us the delicious cookies that she had just baked for the party!

Diane made me feel so comfortable from the moment she walked into the room. She was amazing! She brought a huge suitcase filled with equipment to make my experience less painful and more fun. Having Diane with me was like having a really good friend, who is completely hilarious and at the same time she is a NURSE! (Another fear of mine was mean nurses! With Diane in your room the nurses have to be on their best behaviorJ.)

Overall, the birth experience was a very good one and I attribute this to my Personal Childbirth Trainer: Diane Ellen. She is so much fun to be around; I wouldn’t mind doing it again! But my motto, of course, would be:

“Diane Ellen: Personal Childbirth Trainer:
Don’t have a baby without her.”

Mother of Chloe
Born Dec. 24, 2003

Welcome Baby Chloe Skye


Chloe Skye 


Juliet and Scott 


December 24, 2003 

Time of Birth:



5lbs. 12oz.