Upon discovering that I was pregnant for the sixth time in less than two years, I was more than just ecstatic, I was also a bit apprehensive and
more than a little anxious for the "big day" to arrive.  With all the milestones to pass in advance of a healthy birth there are also a lot of little earthquakes.  The loss of the little freedoms that you may have taken for granted (not needing a restroom every ten minutes, conquering a flight of stairs, sleeping on your stomach), one thing I did NOT overlook though was education and preparation.

From the first telephone conversation with Diane, I was immediately put at ease.  She knew everything that I didn't and conveyed it with such warmth and assuredness that I knew I had to have her as part of my birth

When it was finally time to meet my daughter face to face, Diane was there displaying the source of all the confidence, she is more than professional, more than composed, beyond compassionate, she's the one face in the room that worries for you so you can focus on what you need to do, welcome your child with love.
I don't know if I'll ever have another opportunity to welcome another
child into my life, but, I know without question that if I do, I will make  sure Diane Ellen is there cheering me on all the way......?
Hope I'm not too maudlin........................

Welcome Baby Charlie Salina


Charlie Salina 


Tiffany and Mark



Time of Birth:



7-5 lbs 


20 inches