Welcome Baby Mia Evelyn


Mia Evelyn 


Beth and Dan  



Time of Birth:



5lbs. 9ozs. 



When I asked Dr. Fleischer for a recommendation on child birth classes, his exact words were “if you only take one class, I would suggest Diane Ellen’s one day course”.   Since doctor knows best I called right away to get into a class at 32 weeks per her suggestion.

 The class was great and my husband and I got a lot out of it.  Although it was a long day it was much better than weekly classes because we stayed focused the whole time.  We felt very comfortable and much of the great “fear of the unknown” which hits you a few weeks before delivery day was eliminated for us.  We left feeling well prepared for what was to come.

 During a break in the class we learned about her labor support services. While it sounded interesting to us, we wanted some time to think about it.  Because labor is such a personal experience, I wasn’t sure how I felt about having one more person see me during that time. However, my husband was “sold” because he felt having Diane would make things more comfortable for me and free him up to be involved and focused with the birth of our daughter. As well, we saw samples of her photos and were very impressed with what she was able to capture.

 Diane came to our home the next Thursday night to really take the time to get to know us and learn our views and thoughts and well as our concerns on the childbirth process.  We had a lot of fun chatting and laughing over the yummy pignoli cookies she baked for us.

 Little did we know five days later I would go into labor very unexpectedly at 34 weeks.  I was absolutely terrified - not about the labor process – thanks to the class we took and knowing Diane would be there with us - but about whether the baby would be okay being born so early.    It was at this point we fully realized the value of having hired Diane.

Diane met us at the hospital, where she was helping another client, and quickly got me situated in the best room in the house where we all comfortably spent most of the next 21 hours.  Diane interfaced with the staff to make sure that I was comfortable, calm, and relaxed the whole time prior to the delivery.  She made sure I received the epidural when I wanted it which was key - had I waited any later I would have had to go without (my greatest fear).  She was a great coach - I only had to hard push for 20 minutes and was completely comfortable the entire time.

After delivery, Diane remained to calm me after the baby and my husband were whisked off to the NICU.  We looked at the great pictures she had taken while I waited to see the baby.  She helped me freshen up including helping brush my tangled hair, and eased my worries about the baby’s health.  In the days that followed I was so sad about having to leave the baby at the hospital, and Diane called me to cheer me up and even left me a care package of more goodies at the NICU.  Our happiest time with her was when she came over to celebrate the homecoming of our daughter 17 days later.

  Because of my early delivery I plan to have another child in the not too distant future and will definitely hire Diane again.  Even though I feel comfortable with the child birth process, I truly believe it is one of those things where you simply can’t say “been there, done that” because every delivery is so different and you never know what could happen – or when.

  Thanks Diane for making my labor and delivery experience so wonderful!!