Welcome Baby Joseph




Gita & Mitchell  


April 20th, 2006 

Time of Birth:



6lbs. 13ozs. 


19 1/2  inches

Our Dearest Diane,

         We are both overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness as we reflect our thoughts on how lucky we are to have had you as our labor nurse.  Words cannot describe our love and gratitude for all you did for the three of us… our precious Joseph will be told all about you, over and over again as he grows up.

 When we met you in my eight month of my pregnancy we knew you were someone who would take care of me and my little baby with much love; little did we know that you would go above and beyond giving us more than we asked for.  You Diane are an angel.  We are amazed at how you lovingly stood by my side and made sure that I would get the best birth experience possible, and I did.  

We appreciate how much time you sacrificed in order to see that I have my baby as natural as possible.  I’m thankful for the labor we experienced together and I loved the atmosphere and everything that went along with it. Your energy is amazing…

 When I went into labor on April 20th, 2006 at 3:30 A.M. I felt at ease knowing that you would be there at the hospital to support me and cheer me along.  I will not forget the long hours you stayed awake or the hunger pains you must have had from the gravy and sausage Mitchell brought you for breakfast instead of the oatmeal. I am still so sorry Diane!!!!!

 When you came to visit me the next day after Joseph was born my heart lit up when I saw you walk into the room.  It felt so good to see my favorite nurse again. 

Our future plans are to have more children and it is with great pleasure that you will be with us once again.  We can’t imagine anyone but you caring for me during my next pregnancy and birth experience.


               All our love and more,                                                                                               

                                                       Mitchell, Gita, and baby Joseph Glassman